Sustainable Fashion – A grace to Environment

With climate breakdown making the headlines, fashion is called to create a renewed kind of responsibility: from sustainable supply chains to influencers, from cultural barriers to recycling, every small step needs to be taken care of, for experiencing a new and ever-changing landscape in the name of development.

Furthermore, the world population is developing a whole new set of values related to the environment, and this attitude defines lifestyle choices in health, beauty, and fashion.

But why do we care about changing our lifestyle and stepping towards a world where we have to compromise on our luxury and easy-going life. This might be a question each one of us has in a nook of our heart.

Let us take you to a journey where nature shares it’s true feelings, about how our ignorance is impacting her future

“Hey, Environment! How are you feeling today? “

Environment –

“Hey! Feelings of mine are being compromised these days just like the development in the state. You know the world is developing at a fast pace and everyone is adapting to it but do they think about justice for this cause?

Everyone here seeks to have everything in their soul. New shoes, car, accessories, fashion and to name a few but does these things will make me Sustain in this adaptive motto of Sustainable Development where we talk about making things eco-friendly without giving harm which is true in literal but is it happening for real? “

Think of the agony and pain, nature must be suffering from in serving our human greed.

What if nature turns it back?
Imagine a world full of people, building, transport, exclusive fashion, accessories, etc. but simultaneously have a look back and see in that same span NO ANIMALS, NO TREES, NO FRESH OXYGEN, HARMFUL ENVIRONMENT. YES, you heard us right NO FRESH ENVIRONMENT that will be the situation where we don’t look for sustainable movements.

On the other hand, imagine a world where living standards are still high, people do have good stuff available, new global fashion but what is the major catch is you can reuse, recycle, re-create them according to your needs and that is the situation where we talk about sustainable fashion. Yes, a movement where things are eco-friendly, produced in the social-friendly environment, and sustainability having re-usability purpose.

Fashion Industry is a vast and more innovative industry initiated by many Classy Glossy Growing Changes in the clothing and accessories range which further needs to have a consideration in sustainable fashion methods as being an industry which is like a galaxy there are many brands in it revolving and for them, Growth, Profit, and Target Audience grabbing is the main task with keeping in mind the environment and humanity considerations with none negative route and for the consumers, it is the basis of re-usability and their buying perspectives which will make them understand the worth of buying it.

Sustainability is a need not a choice.

And if the world needs to survive, sustainable development is the only option.

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