“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”
                                                                  – William Shakespeare

When the entire world has come to a standstill, we are forgetting the moments of sheer joy – and the most wonderful thing we are missing out on is that the earth is healing, smiling, and recreating itself.

Some say the planet is sick and humans are the virus, it is undeniably true. We as a species have destroyed this beautiful planet at an alarming rate but today as the situation has reversed, nature has got it’s time to heal back.

We have all been trying to take small steps towards sustainability or have been talking about it for the longest time, but are hesitant to accept it.

But now, as the humans have taken the backseat and have limited their reach the world has contributed to a slow movement, which in itself is so heartwarming and reassuring.

The environmental changes brought through the human restrictions were first visible from space. Then, as the disease and the containment continued, they could be sensed in the sky above our heads, the air in our lungs, and even the ground beneath our feet.

Nobody would have expected to see days like these in this development loving world. We as humans are so adapted with growth, fast life, and a race that we never realize the importance of the present, the slow living, the choices we make today.

In the world filled with sorrow and grief, let’s celebrate and cherish these moments of healing of our mother earth and ourselves.

Let’s cherish these moments of coming together while social distancing.

Let’s cherish each and every moment of living slow.

We take so much from this planet, the least we can do is carry this forward with our lives post this era too. Be a little mindful of the way we live and the choices we make in our lifestyle.

You do not have to completely transform your life to change the world or be sustainably responsible. A very minute practice of following the 3 R’s can bring out a huge change too.

Tell your mother, OUR HOME IS HEALING.

And bring out the change in you to save mother nature.


Sonal Agarwal

Founder – Shibui

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